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Description: The aim of the project is the collection of over 30,000 images of the Sun (spectroheliograms) existing at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra, the result of work of more than 80 years of daily observations of the Sun started in 1926.

Creation Date: 2014-01-14

Last Activity: 3 months ago

Overall progress: 78% completed

Created by: Me

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Phrasal Verbs App

Description: Experimentos com phrasal verbs

Creation Date: 2013-04-11

Last Activity: 5 years ago

Overall progress: 25% completed

Created by: Me

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Mind Paths

Description: What is the perceived relation between words?

Creation Date: 2013-06-12

Last Activity: 6 days ago

Overall progress: 77% completed

Created by: Me

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Cell Spotting

Description: Analysis of HeLa cells for apoptosis research

Creation Date: 2013-09-11

Last Activity: 19 hours ago

Overall progress: 93% completed

Created by: Me

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